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History & About New City Cleaners
A History of Serving Kern County

New City Cleaners has had a long and prestigious history of serving the people of Kern County and beyond.
When Martin Fetchner founded City Cleaners in 1910 at its current location it was on the outskirts of town. Garments were picked up and delivered by horse and buggy. After Charles DeCew and Jay Mahler purchased City Cleaners in 1914, the route service continued even when a street-car system was installed on Chester Avenue and Eighth Street.

At that time however, a call office was added and the name was changed to New City Cleaners.

Henry and Esther Brandt purchased New City Cleaners in 1944.
Soon thereafter, they changed the layout of the plant and remodeled the call office. In 1955, all the belt driven equipment was replaced by modern equipment. In 1959, New City Cleaners received the first Adjust-A-Drape machines west of the Rocky Mountains. The call office was remodeled and a new fur storage vault was installed in 1962. The most extensive remodeling was done in 1966 when five buildings were placed under one roof, allowing all the production to be done in one building.

In 1982 New City Cleaners was set on fire by child arson, destroying the production area of the plant. Having built a strong business, the Brandts weathered this storm and were back in operation in seven weeks. New City Cleaners celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1985 as the mayor of Bakersfield gave a proclamation honoring the company for its longevity and commitment to the community.

The business continued in the family as Jarrell Epp, the grandson of the Brandts, purchased New City Cleaners in 1986.
The call office was remodeled in 1988 in preparation of hosting the first California Sanitone Licensee Seminar. This seminar has now grown into a semi-annual meeting which includes all west coast Sanitone Licensees.

In 1989, Jarrell Epp married Amanda Schatzel. She worked as the office manager until they started their family. In 1992, new drycleaning machines were installed in order to continue using Stoddard solvent, which ensures a high calibre of drycleaning and restoration, as the gentlest solvent in the industry. New shirt equipment was purchased and a point-of-sale system to bring the company into the Information Age.

In 1996, New City Cleaners opened a store in the Southwest at Coffee & Truxtun. In 2006, a third store was opened at the corner of 24th and L Street. In addition, New City Cleaners operates three residential and commercial routes that serve the greater Bakersfield area.

New City Cleaners
The Cleaners of Distinction for Over 100 Years
Mission Statement

The philosophy of New City Cleaners is to offer customers the expertise and resources to care for their fine garments, linens, draperies, or specialty items. By operating in a cooperative atmosphere with our customers, New City Cleaners can process the difficult and unique articles that require hand-custom care. Such an environment enables the experienced staff to enjoy the challenge and pride of craftsmanship that has distinguished New City Cleaners since 1910.